We offer a comprehensive repair service to existing windows, doors and conservatories.

Replacement double glazed sealed units, hinges, handles, locks etc are just some of the items that can be replaced when the existing ones fail.

We can also offer an annual maintenance service whereby we inspect your existing windows and doors, carry out any adjustments that may be required and lubricate all the necessary moving parts that often get overlooked.


Over the last few years, double glazing products have been developed to be more energy efficient than ever before.

If your property has older replacement windows already installed you may be thinking that it is not worth replacing them because very often they will be in good overall condition despite having been installed some years ago.

With this in mind we offer an upgrade service where the existing frames can remain in place but the double glazed glass units get replaced with up to date energy efficient ones.

The benefits of this type of upgrade is that it is considerable cheaper than replacing the entire frame, it is far less disruptive to your home and can greatly reduce the loss of heat through the glass.